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250 years of Natural Sciences Hall

Glasses and plates ready for a reception in the Room 250 years of Natural Sciences, next to the mammoth of Lier on display

Right next to the Mezzanine of the Gallery of Dinosaurs and connected by a monumental staircase, the room tells the story of 250 years of natural sciences in Belgium. The hall represents the 'best-of' the museum. Your guests can wander around in the exhibition while enjoying a walking dinner, a cocktail reception, or even an display of your own products or services.

In combination with the Mezzanine of the Gallery of Dinosaurs, the room can be used for a standing event of up to 350 people. This room is also often combined with the Lobby BiodiverCITY and the terrace (accessed via the lobby).


Available: after opening hours, from about an hour after closing time (to allow set-up)

Disponibility: Evening, Monday

Surface: 180 m²

Capacity: 150 persons