The Dinosaur Gallery

Round tables set up for a dinner in the dinosaurs gallery

The Dinosaur Gallery is a unique location for original events. The Gallery is an exclusive venue for seated events, available on Mondays and after museum closing hours: an (intimate) concert, an extraordinary presentation or a luxury gala dinner, your guests will never forget their evening amongst the dinosaurs!

The Gallery is the showpiece of the museum and can seat 250 guests in a theatre-style seating arrangement or provide dinner for 200 guests . As your event will take place literally in the middle of our exposed collection, with precious artefacts and fragile fossils, we will of course evaluate every request with the safety of our collection in mind.

Visual plan of possible seating arrangements with numbers of guests : Up to 200 in a round tables or theatre-style, and up to 250 guests in a grid-like layout

Availability: after opening hours, as of about an hour and a half after closing time (to allow set-up)

Availability: Evening and Monday

Surface area: 2 300m²

Capacity: 200 à 250 people seated

Exemple of theatre-style sitting arrangement in front of a podium with screen, for a symposium in the dinosaurs gallery
Tables set up for a dinner in the dinosaurs gallery, in front of Stan the T-Rex