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Lobby BiodiverCITY and terrace

Guests enjoying a walking-dinner on the terrace

The Lobby BiodiverCITY, which leads out onto the terrace, is located between the halls 250 years of Natural Sciences and BiodiverCITY and forms a clear and open space. With its beautiful mobile rotating from the ceiling, it diffuses light and creates a fairy-tale atmosphere at night. From the expansive terrace, you have a magnificent view of the Museum Garden and Leopold Park. These spaces invite you to enjoy a cocktail, a seated dinner, a concert or presentation. 

The terrace and Lobby BiodiverCITY come in one package, you cannot rent them separately.

Visual plan of possible room arrangements with numbers of guests : up to 250 people standing and 200 seated


Available: after opening hours, from about 1 hour after closing time (to allow set-up)

Disponibility: Evening, Monday

Surface: 90 m²

Capacity: 100 persons