E-infrastructure and data services

RBINS provides several services in the field of terrestrial geology, including the follow up of ground-surface displacements, geotechnic economic evaluation of projects and raw materials data mining.

For customers active in the marine environment, RBINS offers expertise in the analyses of oceanographic data, marine modelling, customised GIS support and activities related to marine sediment dynamics.

Terrestrial geology services

Follow-up of ground-surface displacements

contact: Pierre-Yves Declercq

Raw materials data mining 

contact: Giorgia Stasi

Marine services

Analyses of oceanographic data

contact: Lieven Naudts

Marine modelling

contact: Geneviève Lacroix

Customised GIS support

contact: Laurence Vigin

Activities related to marine sediment dynamics

contact: Dries Van den Eynde

Marine services and expertise

Data management planning, tool development, data visualization and dataset publication

contact: Ruth Lagring

Marine data management

contact: Ruth Lagring

Polar data management

contact: Anton Van De Putte