Maxilla and mandible assemblage of a late Neanderthal from Spy cave (c) Patrick Semal

Neanderthals disappeared from Belgium thousands of years earlier than thought

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Siska Van Parys

Belgian Neanderthal remains, including the world-famous Neanderthals of Spy, are thousands of years older than previously assumed. This is the conclusion of an international research team that re-dated the Belgian Neanderthal remains with a new technique.

Vader en dochter luisteren naar audioguide in de dinogalerij:

Listen to our fascinating podcast/audioguide about the dinosaur era

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Reinout Verbeke

Discover our brand new audioguides for the Dinosaur Gallery. In "Be My Guide", none other than actress Tine Embrechts and comedian Kody take you through the dinosaur era, together with our museum guides.

The new research vessel Belgica. ©Freire Shipyard

Ghent becomes godfather city of the new research vessel Belgica

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Kelle Moreau

The city of Ghent will be the godfather city of the new Belgian research vessel Belgica. The ship will be baptised in Ghent in September 2021.

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A family on a guided tour in the Living Planet Gallery (photo: Thierry Hubin, RBINS)

Guided Tours V.I.P. Bubbles

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Charlotte Degueldre

During the week, our permanent exhibitions are quiet and easy to visit. Take the opportunity to discover them with your family and a guide who knows the Museum like the back of his hand during a 75-minute V.I.P. guided tour! Want to discover our must-see specimens?

Cover of the 2020 report of the WinMon.BE consortium.

Environmental impact of offshore wind farms : results of the world’s biggest operational wind zone

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Kelle Moreau

While Belgium emerged as a world leader in the offshore wind industry, the Belgian scientists that monitor the environmental impact of offshore wind farms have also developed extensive knowledge and expertise.

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