State Secretary Thomas Dermine hands over the keys of the Climate Centre to Scientific Director Valerie Trouet and Operational Director Ella Jamsin.

Inauguration of the Belgian Climate Centre

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Kelle Moreau

On 29 November 2022, State Secretary for Science Policy Thomas Dermine, Scientific Director Valérie Trouet and Operational Director Ella Jamsin officially opened the Climate Centre at the "Space Pole" in Uccle.

Mussel culture lines are reeled in to control the harvest (image: Brevisco)

Marine Forecasts serving Smart Aquafarming

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Kelle Moreau

The spatial combination of a sea farm - where mussels, oysters and seaweed grow - and passive fishing with innovative baiting techniques (using light, sound and odor) has been extensively tested off our coast for the past three years.

Scientific News
The Belgian air surveillance aircraft during a flight with the sniffer sensor.

Recent sea vessels are emitting more nitrogen in the Belgian North Sea

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Kelle Moreau

The Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (RBINS) has conducted a large-scale study on nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from ships in the Belgian part of the North Sea.

Scientific News
Poster Museum Night Fever

Museum Night Fever at the Museum of Natural Sciences

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Alexandra Badila

An evening in full swing at the Museum of Natural Sciences! 

Step back millions of years in the Gallery of Evolution or stroll through Europe’s largest dinosaur gallery.

Mosasaur skulls

Did early whales function the same way as marine reptiles?

post by
Reinout Verbeke

Research from ULiège and RBINS investigated the morphological similarities between the earliest whales and ancient marine reptiles from the dinosaur-era, the mosasaurs. Four specimens from our collections were used for this study.


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