Museum Night Fever at the Museum of Natural Sciences


An evening in full swing at the Museum of Natural Sciences! Step back millions of years in the Gallery of Evolution or stroll through Europe’s largest dinosaur gallery.


Did early whales function the same way as marine reptiles?


Research from ULiège and RBINS investigated the morphological similarities between the earliest whales and ancient marine reptiles from the dinosaur-era, the mosasaurs. Four specimens from our collections were used for this study.


Digging Jurassic Dinosaurs in Wyoming: ‘Camarasaurus’ Morris


The third excavation season in central Wyoming is a success for the Institute of Natural Sciences: three dinosaurs from the Late Jurassic period.


Europe's Oldest Gecko Species Lived in Belgium


Paleontologists have described a new extinct gecko species from Belgium. The lizard Dollogekko dormaalensis lived 56 million years ago, making it the oldest gecko species in Europe.


The Geological Survey of Belgium celebrates its 125th birthday


On December 16th 2021, our Geological Survey of Belgium was exactly 125 years old. This important milestone was celebrated with a colloquium, a book, an award, a birthday cake and excursions.


Exhibition at the Palace : 2022 edition


Following an absence of two years due to the Corona crisis, Science & Culture at the Palace is back in a "light" version proposed by the Palace, to facilitate a smooth flow of visitors during these open day.


Marine mammals in Belgium in 2021


In the new report 'Strandings and sightings of marine mammals in Belgium in 2021', the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, SeaLife Blankenberge and the University of Liège compile the results of monitoring and scientific research on marine mammals in Belgium in 2021.


22 species added to the European list of invasive alien species


A third update of the list of invasive alien species of European concern (the European List) has been published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 13 July 2022.


Experts predict top emerging impacts on ocean biodiversity over next decade


Co-location of marine activities, lithium extraction from the deep sea, overfishing of deeper-water species, and the unexpected ocean impacts of wildfires and of new biodegradable materials are among fifteen issues experts warn we ought to be addressing now.


RV Belgica baptised by HRH Princess Elisabeth in Ghent


On Saturday 25 June 2022, the new Belgian oceanographic research vessel RV Belgica was baptised. The official ceremony took place at the Rigakaai (North Sea Port) in the godfather city of Ghent, where the RV Belgica was moored for a few days for this occasion.