Exhibition at the Palace : 2022 edition

"Belgian Science Policy Office : Ensuring the Future"
EN : "Belgian Science Policy Office : Ensuring the Future"

Following an absence of two years due to the Corona crisis, Science & Culture at the Palace is back in a "light" version proposed by the Palace, to facilitate a smooth flow of visitors during these open days.


For its 15th edition, BELSPO will present "Belgian Science Policy: Ensuring the Future" in the Grand Gallery, a theme that will valorise the way in which the department as a whole is preparing itself for the future, to grow, develop and open up to new horizons, by reaffirming itself as an essential player in research and the related applications.

A programme perfectly in line with the objectives of the current draft strategic plan, which aims to creatively revitalise the activities of the Federal Science Policy.

Initiated by BELSPO and supported by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the exhibition brings together the ten Federal Scientific Institutes (FSIs) as well as the Belspo Research Programmes and Infrastructures department in a participatory dynamic. Together, thanks to the expertise of their competent scientific staff and the pooling of their respective experience, they are proposing this route which valorises an unknown dimension of our rich federal heritage, and provides an overview of the performance of our research at the international level.

Each of the partners will present a work of art, a symbolic object, a scientific instrument or a model that will valorise them. A selection of photos illustrating the mission of each institution will complete their presentation and provide a representative image to the public, while raising awareness of the importance of the Belgian Science Policy at the national and international level.

An Inaugural Walk in the presence of their Majesties the King and Queen is planned for 20 July. As for the traditional Nocturne organised by the Chancellery of the Prime Minister for its guests and BELSPO's guests, this will take place on 25 August.

23 July to 28 August 2022
10:30 am to 5:00 pm (last entries: 3:50 pm)
Free entry but you need to register - closed Mondays
Monday 15 August (open) / Tuesday 16 August (closed)