Knowledge-based services

RBINS offers its expertise for identification of a multitude of geological objects (minerals, rocks and meteorites, description of boreholes and geological description of temporary outcrops.

Marine-oriented services include sorting of samples and identification of organisms, design and execution of monitoring programmes, including underwater sound measurements and analyses. In addition, RBINS can provide consultancy on numerical model applications, provide tailor-made marine forecast services and provide assistance with aerial surveillance operations.

Analysis and interpretation of archaeological finds. Studies involving fossil and (pre)historical animal (archaeozoological) and human (anthropological) remains, as well as botanical (pollen, phytoliths, and starch grains), carpological (seeds and fruits), anthracological (charcoal) remains, and prehistoric or historical contexts (lithics, ceramics, etc.) are carried out.

In the terrestrial environment, RBINS can assist in bat detection and bat identification and design and execution of biodiversity surveys in tropical environments.

Expertises techniques

Radar interferometry for soil deformation

contact: Xavier Devleeschouwer and Pierre-Yves Declercq

Geological study of a site for geothermal use

contact: Estelle Petitclerc et Yves Vanbrabant

Geological interpretation

contact : Xavier Devleeschouwer

Terrestrial geology services

Geotechnic economic evaluation of projects

contact : Kris Welkenhuysen

Basement management and planning

contact : Kris Piessens

Expertise for identification

Identification of Oligochaeta

contact: Patrick Martin

Identification of geological objects 

contact: Thierry Leduc

Description of boreholes

contact: Xavier Devleeschouwer

Geological description of outcrops

contact: Vanessa HeyvaertXavier Devleeschouwer and Yves Vanbrabant

Services supporting marine research

contact: Thomas Kerkhove

 Consultancy on numerical model applications

contact: Geneviève Lacroix

Tailor-made marine forecast services

contact: Sébastien Legrand

Assistance with aerial surveillance operations

contact: Ronny Schallier

Assistance for bat detection and bat identification

contact: Yves Laurent