Research Institutes

Royal Museum for Central Africa  

The RMCA manages all scientific heritage related to Africa. The enormous collections contain more than 17 million animal specimens, minerals, pictures, films, ethnographic objects and documents. There are always temporary exhibitions being held in the museum , with the aim of informing the general public about the wealth of African culture. Moreover, as a scientific institution, the RMCA is an important international player in terms of African expertise. The museum's scientists produce more than 300 publications every year.

The RMCA also works with the RBINS on a number of scientific projects. The Congo Biodiversity Initiative was established in conjunction with the RMCA and other organisations to protect and develop the rich biodiversity of the Congo basin.

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Botanic Garden Meise

The Botanic Garden Meise has a rich collection of living and non-living plants, as well as a seed bank which includes seeds from endangered indigenous plant species. The botanic gardens also have an extensive library.

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