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XperiBIRD.be is an educational project that aims to develop a tit nesting observation network across Belgium. It also seeks to familiarise school pupils with data collection and Internet data transfer techniques.

Our XperiLAB.be truck distributes nest boxes equipped with a camera and a nano-computer to schools around the country. Associations and individuals wishing to set up educational projects can also purchase these ‘kits’ by contacting us. The set-up is extremely easy-to-use, making it possible to monitor and record what is happening in the nest box, as it happens: the date the tits arrive, the number of eggs laid, the frequency with which the young are fed... the possibilities are endless!

Participants in the project can enter their observations on the website and compare them with data collected elsewhere in Belgium. They can also send any questions and comments to our expert.

Do tits always nest at the same time of year wherever they are in Belgium? Does the clutch size vary depending on the time of year they take up residence? Are there any differences from year to year? The valuable information collected through the XperiBIRD.be project should enable us to answer all these questions!

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  • Benjamin Dujardin
  • Alice Jones