Services & Infrastructures

Training and education

Scientific training/courses

Marine modeling

Geneviève Lacroix

Technology platforms

Expertises techniques

RV Belgica and associated marine instrumentation

Lieven Naudts

 Underwater sound measurements

Steven Degraer

Alain Norro

Aerial quality measurements 

Ronny Schallier

Knowledge-based services

Expertise for identification

Services supporting marine research

Thomas Kerkhove

 Consultancy on numerical model applications

Geneviève Lacroix

 Tailor-made marine forecast services

Sébastien Legrand

Assistance with aerial surveillance operations

Ronny Schallier

E-infrastructure and data services

Marine services

Analyses of oceanographic data

Lieven Naudts

Marine modelling

Geneviève Lacroix

Customised GIS support

Laurence Vigin

Activities related to marine sediment dynamics

Dries Van den Eynde

Marine services and expertise

Data management planning, tool development, data visualization and dataset publication

Ruth Lagring

Marine data management

Ruth Lagring

Polar data management

Anton Van De Putte

Experimental facilities and ecosystem access

RV Belgica (the research vessel)

Lieven Naudts

Scientific diving team

Alain Norro

Artificial Hard Substrate Garden (ecological experiments, material tests, (anti)fouling)

Jan Vanaverbeke