Services & Infrastructures

Training and education

Scientific training/courses

Technology platforms

Imaging expertise

Identification and characterization



Identification et characterization 


Eric Goemaere

Surface and subsurface geological monitoring and photogrammetry

Christian Burlet

Knowledge-based services

Expertises techniques

Radar interferometry for soil deformation

Xavier Devleeschouwer 

Pierre-Yves Declercq

Geological study of a site for geothermal use

 Estelle Petitclerc 

Yves Vanbrabant

Geological interpretation

Xavier Devleeschouwer

Terrestrial geology services

Geotechnic economic evaluation of projects

Kris Welkenhuysen

Subsoil management and planning

Kris Piessens

Expertise for identification

Identification of a multitude of geological objects 

Thierry Leduc

Description of boreholes

Xavier Devleeschouwer

Geological description of temporary Quaternary or Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Tertiary outcrops

Vanessa Heyvaert 

Xavier Devleeschouwer

Yves Vanbrabant


E-infrastructure and data services

Terrestrial geology services

Follow up of ground-surface displacements

Pierre-Yves Declercq

Raw materials data mining 

Giorgia Stasi