Permanente Exhibition


Mosasaur Hall

At the time when the tyrannosaurs ruled the continents, gigantic predatory lizards roamed the seas. These were the mosasaurs.

Strangely, not many people have ever heard of them. That is why we have decided to present a few of the specimens from our mosasaur collection, one of the biggest in the world. These are now on display in a cosy, well-lit gallery next to our iguanodon exhibit in the basement.

Here, you can admire a 12.5-metre-long Belgian specimen, Hainosaurus bernardi, compare the anatomy of the mosasaurs with that of reptiles and other modern-day animals, understand the mechanics of how they swam, and much more.

  • All ages
  • Approximately 1 hour
  • Included in the entry ticket
  • Point 5 on the map

Remarkable Elements

Hainosaurus bernardi

The Hainosaurus bernardi is one of the largest mosasaurs known to date

Skulls that Speak Volumes

By looking at mosasaurs' skulls, we can deduce information about how they lived

A Creature to Be Reckoned With

They could certainly hold their own against the large sharks that cruised the same seas during the Upper Cretaceous period!

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