The museum is accessible to disabled visitors and the purchase of a concession ticket for a disabled visitor includes free admission for one accompanying adult.

Access and Parking

There are two spaces in the main museum car park reserved for those with disabled parking badges. For those arriving by public transport, there is a colour-coded street map that shows the accessibility of footpaths in the “Bruxelles en fauteuil” guide.

The Entrance

There is a ramp that connects the car park with the entrance to the museum. The doors to this ramp are not automatic, so please do not hesitate to ask for help from the car park attendant. There is a lift in the entrance hall that is specially designed for wheelchairs to allow you to descend to the cloakroom floor. A note to groups of visitors with reduced mobility: taking the lift from the entrance hall to the cloakrooms takes a certain amount of time, so we recommend that you use the external walkway, accompanied by a member of our Security Service staff*.

The impressive external walkway located between the car park railings and the museum entrance allows visitors with reduced mobility, accompanied by a member of our Security staff*, to directly access the cloakroom floor. It does not replace the main entrance, where the entrance desks are located, but it does optimise entrance into the museum.

The floor of the walkway is fitted with orange LEDs, and there are direction signs on the road side, for blind or partially sighted visitors. The incline of the wooden floor is designed to limit momentum for wheelchairs. The lobby that connects the walkway to the museum is fitted with sliding doors (the external doors are automatic in both directions, while the internal doors are automatic when exiting).

* If you would like to enter the museum using the external walkway, please ask the car park attendant or send an email in advance to (there you can also reserve a parking spot).

Wheelchair for visitor use

A wheelchair for visitor use is kept in the entrance hall. It can be reserved by email:


There are two main lifts (A and B) that are accessible to everyone, as well as several lifts for wheelchair users. In the event that one of the lifts is unavailable, please ask one of the museum attendants to show you which way to go.


You will find disabled toilets in the toilets by the Mineral Hall (Floor -1), in the excavation section of the Dinosaur Gallery (Floor -2), and below the main staircase that connects the Dinosaur Gallery and the 250 Years of Natural Sciences Hall (Floor -1).

Activities for blind and partially sighted visitors

For children over the age of 5, we recommend a visit to the paleoLAB, which offers a wide variety of fun activities, as well as lots of objects, particularly fossils and minerals, that can be handled (in fact, this is what this discovery zone was designed for!).



The internal security service of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences (CBE 0353.070.496) is insured against bodily or material damage arising from the exercise of its activities in private security. Those affected can contact Ethias SA directly at 24 Rue des Croisiers, 4000 Liège. The policy number is 45262551.