Quaternary Environments & Humans

This scientific programme investigates all aspects of the natural environment during the Pleistocene and Holocene and of its interaction with the biology and the cultural evolution of humans.

Natural environment is to be understood as an integrated and evolving entity encompassing palaeolandscapes, their stratigraphic record, their flora and fauna.The impact of climatic changes on the evolution of the environment and on the human societies is a major field of research, as well as the effects humans had on the environment in which they lived.  

Fundamental research is carried out within each discipline, but an integrated approach of past human - nature interactions is promoted. With its expertise in sedimentary geology, quaternary stratigraphy and chronology, geoarchaeology and palaeoclimatology, physical anthropology, archaeology and prehistory, quaternary palaeontology, archaeozoology and archaeobotany, this research program wants to become a major center for the integrated study of humans and their environment during the Quaternary.