External users and visitors must apply for a Reader’s Card from the library staff. The card costs €2,50 for one year (from date to date). Card renewals costs €2,50, but cards lost before the card expiry date will be replaced free of charge.


Reproduction of documents

The price for a black & white copy cost €0.10 per A4/B4 copy (€0.15 double-sided) and €0.20 per A3 copy (€0.30 double-sided). Colour copies cost €1.00 per A4 copy.


Document supply

Copies send by post : €0.12 per page (A4) + shipping after the payment of the pro forma invoice. Sending of one article in pdf : terms to determine (bib@naturalsciences.be)


Interlibrary loan

Interlibrary loans are possible for external users at the rates applied by the suppliers. A deposit will be requested.


Internet access - WiFi

Free. Ask the librarians for the access code.